From where one should pursue “The Articleship” for CA

CA, A Professional course having unique 3 year mandatory training program as its backbone.

Every CA Student (approx 90%) seems to be very confused regarding the firm he should opt for Articleship. People find different view point. The most orthodox view point is doing it from a firm having “variety of work”. There is another view point on the same. Do it from a firm which is very nearby to your place. Some students also give priority to firms which give ample study time during the Articleship and yes leaves for CA Final Exam.

 Still the question is unanswered. From where one should pursue Articleship. It’s just like any other decision in your life but it’s a crucial decision since its consequence are almost life long, let it be career, let it be your personal life, your lifestyle. You will carry your training experience for life.

 Now let’s start it. Just think for a while and name a company for the following items as if you are about to purchase one

  1. Cell Phone.
  2. Shoe.
  3. A pair of Jeans
  4. Television.
  5. Gas Stove
  6. Laptop.

You may think for other items also. So what was the pattern of you answers? What is the name that came forward? On what basis you chose that name? We hope that you did on the basis of quality, branding, user experience, international exposure of that brand. You may use the same criteria for choosing Articleship. If you are really quality & brand conscious then why only in clothing and eating and appliances too, why not in choosing your Articleship.

 For those who are not, there is saying in Hindi “Mehnga Roye Ek baar, Sastaa Roye Baar Baar.”

ICAI’s Vision statement states that it wants to create global professionals. So just keep that in mind. Choose a firm that will give you global exposure. Just Google the things what people are looking for. What kinds of skills are required in order to get good job & remuneration? Just poke your seniors having global exposure and you get the right answer.

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PS: The article is written in 330 Seconds.

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